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After addressing all of the LADBS plan check engineer's corrections and getting all of the clearances taken care of I've been trying to schedule the hopefully final verification meeting with the plan check engineer.  The plan check engineer hasn't been responding to my emails or phone calls for over three weeks. Does anyone with LADBS experience have thoughts on how pushy I should or should not be? For instance should I start cc'ing her supervisor, call her supervisor, just be patient....? In the old days when they let the public show up in person I would probably go to the counter and try to push matters that way. 

Jun 16, 24 5:07 pm

You should call her supervisor (you'll need to leave a message) and immediately follow with an email to both the plan check engineer and supervisor inquiring on status. After that follow up every week (both phone and email). 

Jun 17, 24 2:17 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

demand to speak to the manager and go full Karen on them. That will show them who's boss.

Jun 17, 24 2:25 pm  · 
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Im having the same problem.  Its been super slow.  We ended up hiring a plan check expeditor bc we had schedule pressures. 

Not sure what your timeline is but highly suggest it if your client is ok with it.  Our expeditor knows maybe 75% of the ppl we are dealing with and he can call them since he has good relationships with a lot of them.

I wouldnt advise against barking at them.  That never works esp in LA.

Jun 25, 24 3:40 pm  · 
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