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Hi all, I've been part of the Army Corps for over a year, focusing on military projects. I graduated last summer and now I'm on the hunt for a job in the corporate world. The challenge I'm facing is how to update my portfolio when all of my professional work is confidential.

Any ideas on what I can showcase, beyond my school projects, to impress potential employers?

Oct 2, 23 3:24 pm
Non Sequitur

How much proprietary work could you possibly have that's yours with only 1y experience?  Best bet is to have a good explanation of project size/budgets/types along with a clear list of your responsibilities.  

With 1y only, your school stuff is likely to take precedence but you still need to show possible future employers that you have billable skills.

Oct 2, 23 3:31 pm  · 

This. At 1 year employers will be more interested in your school work as portfolio goes, but you should be able to explain the experience you have. Basically your professional work up to this point is about your resume. Not that it wouldn't benefit you to be able to show the work, but it shouldn't be that critical ...

Oct 2, 23 5:12 pm  · 
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vado retro

you should create a redacted portfolio with images and text blacked out. You would be hired because of your mystery quotient.

Oct 13, 23 8:13 am  · 

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