MASS Design Group Intern


Does anyone hear back from MASS for an internship interview?

Also, what do you think about HDR for an architectural intern? If you worked there, please describe some of your experiences working there. Thank you!

Mar 27, 23 6:02 pm
Non Sequitur

don’t work for free. 

Mar 27, 23 6:52 pm  · 
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I can't imagine two different firms. I mean they're miles apart. What are your values? Is this the kind of firm you want to contribute your time?

Mar 27, 23 9:33 pm  · 

I know some people who worked at HDR, because they needed a job and money to live, and now do some of the most considered community-centric design going on in Chicago. Yes, it's good to align your values but it is also a privilege to be able to make those decisions.

Mar 28, 23 4:36 am  · 
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I don't disagree, my point is MASS vs. HDR?? It's like OMA vs. Dick Butts.

Mar 28, 23 4:49 am  · 
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On that point, it is impossible to disagree. 

I will say that in the corporate world it is sometimes possible to fly under the radar and eek out a few good projects, but you have to be lucky.

Mar 28, 23 9:10 am  · 
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I've known several people who worked at HDR. They all appeared to have learned a very cutthroat, everything is a competition, do anything to get ahead, type attitude from the firm.

Mar 28, 23 2:06 pm  · 

I was wondering did anyone hear back from MASS for an internship interview? How long usually it will take for them to get back or they already did?

Mar 28, 23 9:21 pm  · 

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