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Hi everyone,

I'm a second-year MArch student. I applied for several internships for this summer since late January. Only got one rejection letter. No feedback from others at all. I'm a little anxious right now. I want to know what's the normal timeline for hiring the summer intern. 

Thank you in advance!

Mar 7, 23 2:51 pm

Typically offers are out around early-mid April at the latest? Unlike in finance/law, architecture internship recruiting is less structured so timelines vary.

I am at a target school for some bigger firms and  on-campus interviews are happening March 24-30, so I wouldn’t be too worried unless you still haven’t heard anything by then.

Mar 12, 23 1:05 pm  · 
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The economic climate in the US is maybe slowing the process, I think some are holding back on hiring until they are more confident about their summer workload and staffing budgets.

Keep sending resumes and following up politely so that you are on people's radar when they do make a decision.

Mar 12, 23 1:47 pm  · 
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you need to send out application around april.

a LOT OF them, I had one year that i applied till late June (and got an offer haha...)

Go to company's instagram/website, some firms don't post internship on job board, even if they are not hring interns, might be worth reaching out.

Write your cover letter like a normal person (don't be like me...some of those cover letters I wrote are ridiculous...let's be honest)

Have a concise, simple but strong portfolio with strong graphics.

I think a lot of shcools career fair already passed, but next year, be sure to go to one of those, they do online/virtually now.

Mar 14, 23 3:43 pm  · 

if you have the skills, and the works, and keep applying, it's just a matter of time.. :) good luck

Mar 14, 23 3:45 pm  · 

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