Starting Master of Architecture (UK) At Age of 29 in a Good University


Due to health issues and also changing of previous Unis in Undergraduate (UK Part 1) Years, I will be starting my Part 2 at UCL at age of 29...

Is it normal to start Part 2 MArch Programme at UCL at 29? As I will be 31 when I graduate... with only a combined of 1-year architecture-related experience...

Am I losing out when I graduate from Bartlett?

Feb 16, 23 11:32 pm

Everyone starts their m.arch/Part 2 in many different stages of life - nothing to worry about. 

Feb 17, 23 1:11 am  · 

I'm similar to you but I'm 30 and I've been having health issues for a long time thinking about starting this year

Feb 17, 23 1:55 am  · 

Don't think you'll be out of place. If anything, from experience I found that most Part 1 graduates would benefit from more real-world work experience prior to pursuing their Part 2.

Feb 17, 23 9:31 am  · 

Thank you everyone for the kind words. It makes me feel better now.

The anxiety of starting my Part 2 in The Bartlett (UCL) with only 1-year of combined architecture experience and will only graduate at 31 gives me so much anxiety!

But I feel better now!

Feb 18, 23 12:46 am  · 
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I am in the exact same position with you. I was diagnosed with a serious condition when I was a Part I student. Regardless of that I graduated with a 1st class degree from a good school. I am now finishing my MArch at the age of 32 while also working part-time. 

In my opinion the age doesn't matter for school, as long as you know what your goals are. Also, the Bartlett is an excellent school and I hope that you can make good use of your time there. 

I would like to bring up another matter though which in this case requires attention. I personally faced discrimination when mentioning my health issues during the job application process. I had a high quality portfolio for my level and was invited for several interviews at reputable firms (AJ100), however I also had some gaps in my CV due to my health issues. When I would be asked about the gaps I would mention my health problems and as a result of that I wouldn't get any job offers. I was wondering if any other forum members have had a similar experience and how they handled it or what advice they would give. 

Feb 18, 23 6:12 pm  · 
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Sorry that happened robhaw. I don't have major health issues, but your school's career services (student association or otherwise) can greatly help coaching you through those types of situation. Only real advice can give: make it a strength (eg. for healthcare projects, you have a better grasp and empathy with users' needs), and don't use a chronological resume - highlight relevant experience/skills instead. Hope that's helpful.

Feb 18, 23 8:24 pm  · 

Thank u so much! im glad u shared this. Also, next time dont mention anything about health, since u are not legally obligated to tell anyone that. If they ever ask about the gap, just mention you are taking a break, or maybe mention some personal hobby that u wanted to pursue that time etc. ANYTHING but health. They dont have to know, nor do they care. Because they wont wanna risk hiring someone that might just "fall sick on them". Companies never think for others, its always about the profit... Take care! <3

Feb 18, 23 8:49 pm  · 

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