I am having a career crisis


I am a working architect from South Asia with 6 years in a job that pays very less. I only stayed this long because the work is good, I do sustainable projects with local materials and have been the only architect in this firm for long period of time. Wanted to  get masters degree since long  but couldn't get scholarship. I cant afford to pay for it.My knacks are for urban history , vernacular settlements and sustainable building practices. I don't want to study in my country. Education standard is very poor here .I love my subject and had immense passion when I first started working . Now I feel really stuck and don't know what I should do. Should I pursue Maters degree or apply for work in other places/countries??. If that's even possible...What could be the best career advise for me??

Jan 23, 23 1:57 pm

Move on. As quickly as you can. Architects are inherently underpaid, especially under someone else's wing. Either take matters into your own hands with an independent practice, or look into niches for urban history or sustainable building with reasonable salaries. There are opportunities out there, we just have to be bold enough to find them!!

Jan 23, 23 7:46 pm  · 
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Care to give a few examples of those opportunities for the bold?

Jan 24, 23 4:06 pm  · 

If you are looking at moving to other countries it is also a very expensive endeavour. If your portfolio and experience is exceptional you may get some scholarships for M.Arch in other countries but really this depends on many factors and policies.

Globally, the easiest “higher-income” country to move to right now is Canada. M.Arch will still be very expensive as an international student though, and cost of living is very high. I’m not sure how easy it is to get scholarships as an international student in Canada either. Ultimately you would want to look at cheaper schools like University of Manitoba and University of Calgary. 

Jan 24, 23 3:44 pm  · 

My career IS a crisis

Jan 26, 23 12:58 am  · 

Jan 27, 23 1:54 am  · 

Reassess your goals: Take the time to reflect on your goals and whether they are still relevant. Are they still meaningful to you? Do they still align with your values?

Take a break: If the pressure of a career crisis is getting too much, take a break. Spend some time away from work and do something that brings you joy. This can help you gain perspective and recharge your batteries.

Jan 27, 23 3:16 pm  · 

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