Networking and Expanding Social Circle in NYC


I live and work in NYC as an architectural designer. I'm rather new to the city, so I don't have many friends right now. But, I would like to make friends who are in the architectural field. Do you have any suggestions on how to network architects in NYC and  expand the social circle?

Nov 27, 22 8:53 am
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Don't use the term "network" you will repulse the potential people. Go to art and architecture events, lectures, gallery openings. Don't drink and get lost. Ok, maybe drink and get lost once in a while.

Nov 27, 22 4:37 pm  · 

There's generally something to do every night in NYC. AIA,, arch league, events put on by steelcase, etc etc.

But honestly why? Why know more architects? Don't you know enough from uni? Go meet people in other professions. Way more interesting dinner conversations. 

Nov 29, 22 2:46 pm  · 
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Does your university have a "university club" or "alumni group" in NYC? Go there and meet some other people.

Nov 29, 22 2:51 pm  · 

also good advice. The Ivy's have University clubs, and many state schools with large football programs have bars that focus on alumni from those schools on Saturdays. It's a real easy way to meet people and most people are pretty open in those settings.

Nov 30, 22 5:38 pm  · 

Second the comment to pursue other social groups besides architecture related. Seriously, finding hobbies and having diverse interests creates a more well-rounded person, and a more well-rounded architect... not to mention that other architects don't hire other architects !

Nov 29, 22 3:08 pm  · 
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I struggle with this too. My firm has a few people close to my age and had a corporate sport team. I joined and we played against other firms/companies. That became a decent friend group starting off.

I also play pokemon and I found out that other people around me do too. I know its pretty nerdy, but point is if you exhibit your interests/hobbies in sort of a public or recognizable way, people will likely respond and interact (extroverts but the introverted friends of the extroverts will soon follow, as long as you're not mean).

Good luck OP

Nov 29, 22 4:29 pm  · 

Might as well me me. Recently relocated and started a new job. Basically just hanging with my partner 100% of the time. I don't like to eat where I shit. If you find a strategy, let us know lol

Nov 29, 22 9:17 pm  · 

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