I feel like I don't know anything after college


I don't know what to do after graduating with a bachelor's degree. I am currently unemployed and don't know where to start to improve in this field. If I give myself a project, I don't know who to consult with if it's good or not. I am really unsure about everything I do when it comes to the design process. 


Nov 18, 22 8:53 pm

Could contact any professors you were on decent terms with and ask if they'd be willing to crit a self-started project (being respectful of their time, and likely only one or two review sessions).

But may be better to work on your non-architecture skills, like networking, resumes, cover letters etc. Check if your school runs workshops - will usually be by student association and open to alumni. And can tighten up your portfolio, you already have projects - just may not be showcasing them well. Cheers

Nov 19, 22 11:48 am  · 
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Right - the only thing most architecture colleges teach you is to work hard, and basic skills. Once you get into the field you pretty much have to start again. But do not let this bog you down and lose your confidence. Make a good portfolio and send it to all the firms in your area. And yes network with your profs and peers. That goes a long way.

Nov 19, 22 2:26 pm  · 
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Perhaps it is because some information disappears in our memory over time and there is a feeling that you do not remember anything? 

Nov 22, 22 11:55 am  · 

atnite1 -

May I ask what country you're in?  

What type of degree do you have?  

I ask because my reply is based on experience only in the US and I'm assuming you have a Bachelor's of Architecture from an accredited program.    

My short response is don't worry.  

Architecture school teaches you how to think about solving a problem.  It's not going to teach you everything you need to know about how to design, draw, and assist with constructing a building.  That is what your internship is for.  Even then you'll have only the basic minimum knowledge to be an architect.  

Architecture is a field where you will never stop learning.  As such you'll never stop encountering situations where you simply don't know _______.  This is normal.  There is simply too much to know in this field to know it all.  Related to this is the fact that you'll make mistakes.  That's OK.  Just learn from them.  I've been in this field for around 20 years.  I still encounter things I don't know every day.  I still make mistakes.  

As for improving and finding employment.  As other have said, get in touch with your old professors.  Attend AIA events.  Find firms you like and apply to as many of them as you can.  Unless you're incredibly lucky and talented you probably won't start off doing much design like in school.  You'll be given simple drafting tasks while  you gain experience.  Fear not, you'll still be doing critical thinking and designing in these simple tasks.  It may take a few years but as you learn more you'll gain more design projects.  

Good luck!  

Nov 22, 22 12:09 pm  · 
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I hear ya, I recently graduated too. idk what I'm doing, but I keep trying to get put on projects that I think will expose me to things I want to learn about.

I assume you're looking for a job? hands on experience is definitely the way to go. maybe a smaller office will yield more experience or at least observable design processes. I sent out like 50-60 applications of combined linked-in ads and cold calls. 

I like to listen to lectures from the GSD, Sci-Arc, Parsons, MIT, etc. There's a lot of free knowledge and different ways to approach stuff; in a way I think the uncertainty is a strength because it keeps you open and humble as we/you/I continue to improve.

You'll pull through this as long as you keep keeping on, 

good luck OP

Nov 22, 22 12:49 pm  · 
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The more you know the less you actually realize you know!

Nov 22, 22 4:42 pm  · 
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Nov 22, 22 5:01 pm  · 

nope, me after a few beers, with a buzz on!

Nov 22, 22 7:10 pm  · 
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You'll feel better when you start working and realize how little so many people actually in the field know :)

Nov 22, 22 5:38 pm  · 
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Next step after you get a job is imposter syndrome...which I'm not sure ever goes away?

Nov 24, 22 5:14 pm  · 

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