Looking for a mentor for the Learning Scapes children's competition


Hello!!  I am a teacher in VA and I am seeking a mentor for 2 classes who are willing to work with 6th, 7th and 8th graders who are attempting to design a green school.  If you can help, either in person or via Zoom, I would be so very grateful!!!  Please let me know if you are interested.

Sep 29, 22 10:50 am

Sounds like a fun learning experience! Do you have an more info on the students project?

Learning objectives?

Lesson plan?

Expected schedule? 

Sep 29, 22 11:01 am  · 

Hi Chad!  I do!

This is an Extended Learning Project.  We are following the curriculum and lesson plans created by A4LE that can be found here:

My objective is to give students a real world experience of what an architect does.  My 6th grade class was hand picked from students who WANT to be architects or engineres.  My 7th and 8th grade class is just simply currious.  The class integrates all subjects in an authentic application.   

The competition time line is:

September – January
Student design competition
January – February
School / district jury / competition convene (if applicable)
February – March
Student design competition projects, narratives, PowerPoints completed for submittal for regional competition

February – March
Chapter and Region juries convene (based on regional conference dates)
April 10
Regional winner announced to International
May 3
Electronic submissions due to International Program Director
May 13

International Jury (electronic)

Only one of my classes can be entered into the redional design competition so there will be a school level competition as well.

We have a sight picked out, we have a topographical map of the area (I did this once before and a local architect helped me).  The students have chosen an elementary school that is due to be either renovated or replaced.  The principal of that school is coming in Monday to help the students know what he would like to have in his school.  

I hope that gives you a little more scope for this.  I, unfortunately, am an English teacher and have very little knowledge of architecture.  Any help you are willing to give would be invaluable.

Sep 29, 22 2:38 pm  · 
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Just a thought, but you may want to reach out to the local, or state AIA or NOMA chapter, they do this kind thing a lot.

Sep 29, 22 7:40 pm  · 
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THANK YOU!!!!!!! I have just reached out to them. YOU ROCK!!!

Sep 29, 22 8:33 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

Another resource to reach out to is the ACE Mentor Program. You didn't say where in VA you are, but it looks like there's an active chapter in Richmond, if that's close.

Sep 30, 22 1:18 pm  · 

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