Masters after 10 years


I'm an architect with 10+ years of experience. I had worked on diverse scales and typologies of projects and at all stages. I've always had fascination for technologies in design and so I explored and have been proficient in quite a lot of softwares. All these years, I had been attending workshops and webinars often on various programs and design. I've also used them on my professional/personal works. Now, I'm planning to do masters in architectural computation. How difficult is it to crack into colleges/universities?

Aug 11, 22 10:43 am

Can't speak for India. But in the US getting into grad school is just a question of having a good portfolio and reasonable communication skills... and money technically, though you can pay later haha. 

Aug 11, 22 5:28 pm  · 

I'm trying to get into Bartlett, AA, ICD Stuttgart, ETH Zurich or UEL.

Aug 12, 22 12:13 am  · 

How difficult?  Don't forget that architectural grad programs are, in one real sense, machines for admitting students and collecting tuition money.  Many schools would love to have you, so don't worry about that.

Your substantial self-directed continuing education makes you an ideal candidate to get a lot out of the right program.  Your job is to get accepted to one or more of those programs, and you sound well on your way.

Aug 12, 22 1:16 pm  · 

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