A Real Estate Nightmare on Foxhall Road


A longform read but an interesting look into a pair of spec houses gone terribly wrong in DC. Developed by a restauranteur and marketed as using "high-tech" prefab components (Which are not the culprits - bad detailing and construction are to blame), the houses featured extensive water infiltration problems which led to serious structural issues. Weirdly enough, the story doesn't mention the architect (If any) behind the houses.

Aug 9, 22 8:08 pm

thx for linking - good read

I have family in the area so def know the locale

Aug 10, 22 10:44 am  · 

They could have had a real Italinate that doesn't leak. Charleston S.C. circa 1860.

Aug 10, 22 11:18 am  · 

Yeah, but then they would have to live in South Carolina.

Aug 10, 22 11:59 am  · 
2  · 
atelier nobody

And yet, I still can't convince management that having a building enclosure SME on staff is worth any investment...

Aug 10, 22 9:59 pm  · 

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