Has anyone else attended grad school to change their profession?


Wondering how others have managed to change their career path from architecture to something else.

Also if they had attended grad school to do so, where did they attend?

Aug 4, 22 2:15 pm
Non Sequitur

I think the question you're after is this:

"What other career options are available to someone with an architecture undergrad degree?" 


"what complimentary master-level degree options are there for someone with an arch undergrad who does not want to necessarily practice architecture"

Both have been asked & answered in the forums and are pretty common.  Most answers tend to lean towards one of 3 camps:  Urban design/planning/survey, design and or construction management, industry rep/sales.  

Aug 4, 22 2:36 pm  · 

I'm aware, but I had other fields in mind that are completely different such as Computer Science / AI / Data Scientist / Interactive Design / HCI etc.

Aug 4, 22 4:23 pm  · 
1  · 
Non Sequitur

ok. must be nice to throw money around at advanced degrees without a clear plan.

Aug 4, 22 4:55 pm  · 

I have a friend with an HCI degree (paid for my his company) who had a CS undergrad and spends most of his days fixing code and/or instructing juniors on best practice for a bunch of web apps for one of the biguns...  I don't see what someone with an arch degree would have to offer beyond their innate talents out of highschool.  You'd basically be starting from scratch.

Aug 5, 22 8:29 am  · 

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