Are there firms that are fully remote that lets you travel and work?


I seen one firm that is fully remote. They advertise as fully remote and you can work from any country and anywhere, they opened up in 2020. So it’s fairly new in the game. But it seems too good to be true lol. The firm is called RA. 

Do you have any experience of fully remote Digital Nomad architecture jobs? Would love to hear some name of companies. 

Jul 12, 22 11:21 pm

Maybe as a BIM manager?

Aug 15, 22 9:47 am  · 

For someone with 10+ years of experience, a fully remote opportunity might be successful depending on how well the office communicates.  I recommend anyone with less experience--and certainly those fresh out of school--avoid this temptation as you will be missing out on a lot of learning, training, and mentorship.  

Aug 15, 22 11:31 am  · 
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ArchKid - if you're content producing documents/renderings/etc. and never getting your feet dirty on an actual site, it could work. Otherwise, "fully remote" is always going to be tricky when you're actually building things - someone has to be on site to actually get the thing done. 

Good firms usually assign that to the project architect, even if they're large enough to have supplemental staff that just does CA. 

If you're doing marketing or energy modeling or something supplemental... that might be an option. Maybe. 

Aug 15, 22 12:34 pm  · 
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A qualified person could probably write specifications and project manual front-ends remotely.  Maybe QA/QC reviews also.  Either of these would probably be done for a midsize or big firm.

Aug 15, 22 2:00 pm  · 

Good point and those two things are tasks many firms already outsource to specialized consultants. I know many firms would love having staff to handle these things in house ... it's usually a question of if they have enough work to keep them billable.

Aug 19, 22 4:57 pm  · 

I have a friend at R2L:Architects who is fully remote/nomadic. They apparently have one physical office but most people are around the US. He's been there a few years and seems happy.

Aug 19, 22 10:08 am  · 

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