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Hi! I am a recent CU Denver College of Architecture & Planning graduate. As I begin the next chapter of life and enter the workforce, I ask for your feedback on my architecture representation and visualization portfolio. 

Thank you!

Jul 2, 22 3:56 pm

The project is alright... It is not a very creative project, but it certainly shows off your rendering abilities, as far as I can tell. 

The plans on pages 12-13 are not very readable, they seem too small.

Design-wise: Why are those metal trusses so large? Is that really necessary?

finally, in my opinion, please be careful that sometimes the people obstruct the focus of your design by excessively utilizing cutouts people, which detracts from the quality of space. Or perhaps, there are just too many renderings

Jul 2, 22 4:16 pm  · 

Thank you for your kind words.

The metal trusses strengthen the experience of the vertical dimension. Absolutely - they must be so large! :)

I am interested in understanding how you would demonstrate the concept of fellowship and community with out utilizing cutout people? In what renderings do you feel the people distract from the space quality?

Additionally, what drawings should I include to replace the renderings? 

Jul 2, 22 5:24 pm  · 

"I am interested in understanding how...." As I clearly stated, excessively, it is okay to use people cut-out in your rendering, but it should be used delicately without being distracting. See the following link for more information on how designers utilized people cutoUt to create nuances between the renders and people and to tell a story. I know it is a library, we all know that a few people sitting down and reading books as the context, and the rest of the image should speak for itself. Isometrics can be reworked, they seem to lack indications. I don't understand what you're trying to convey. You actually have a nice section cut, and I think you don't need an isometric, I think it's overkill Certainly, there are many examples of buildings that have exposed structural elements, but in your case, you should design your roof frame as opposed to placing a generic frame. When applying for a job, it would be helpful if you could attempt to draw a wall detail of your library. The connection between the roof frame and the wall intersection does not make sense to me without a detail drawing.

Jul 6, 22 2:12 pm  · 

First, most people opt to show a few pages each of several projects rather than many pages of a single project for a reason: you need to convey some breadth. Consider condensing this one and adding a couple others.

If you have a resume, make it part of your portfolio. You'll end up submitting them together, after all.

Some of the descriptive text is not an easy read..."ocularcentric", "phenomology"....I'm sure they are actually words but I second guessed myself. Don't make your audience bust out a dictionary.....

It's a nice project with pretty imagery, but as with other portfolios, this appears to be an entire final studio review presentation reformatted into letter size and stuffed in a portfolio. Pick a few money shots and do a more brief description. Then you'll have space for more projects.

Lastly, always do a spell check...seems trivial but Accessability and Flexability took center stage on the page all of the sudden when it should have been those diagrams. Just like with a plain old resume, you want ZERO mistakes.

Congrats on graduating, good luck!

Jul 6, 22 1:53 am  · 

I would show more projects.  Include sketching, study models, anything that exhibits your thought process.  

Good luck! 

Jul 6, 22 6:51 pm  · 

If you are going to have text than it needs to be readable, cant make out a single word in your Branch Library Programming Chart.

Jul 7, 22 5:17 pm  · 

Whoa. Did you move the playground to the far corner away from the ice cream place? 

Jul 7, 22 8:18 pm  · 

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