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Hi there! 

I am a recent CU Denver College of Architecture & Planning graduate. As I begin the next chapter of life and enter the workforce, I ask for your feedback on my architecture representation and visualization portfolio. 

Thank you in advance!

Jun 26, 22 7:24 pm
Non Sequitur

I’ve got to say, this might be one of the best folios I’ve seen here in a long time. It’s got drawings, physical models, kooky art, and best of all, no stupid self graded software chart. 

Jun 26, 22 8:02 pm  · 
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1. Condense the summary part of your resume into a skill section at the bottom and leave off any qualifying language. Just state the skills.

2. Make the immersive narrative more coherent. 

3. Rethink the storyline.

4. Group like images together and bookend with the blue water field.

5. Group the descriptive drawings. 

6. Experiment with the placement of the descriptive drawings. I would put them at the end.

7. Drop the map it adds nothing.

8. Condense the text of each image to a single coherent sentence.

This is one of the best I have seen here. Very original.

Jun 26, 22 8:28 pm  · 
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Any students out there pay attention. This person went to a community college and a state school.

Jun 26, 22 9:31 pm  · 
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It looks like you've been in a tough spot for a little while, but the good news is this is the type of portfolio that probably grants a "let's give this guy a call".

On the resume section, I quickly understood you have experience in some kind of sales operations, hands on drawing and manufacturing experience, and experience teaching (generally requires good communication skills) so that's good.  

Although it may have been your most recent employment and your gap may feel a little concerning.....consider dropping the barista description. It sounds a bit overembellished and probably isn't very relevant given the other experience you provided. The fact that you were a barista is probably about the extent of information anyone will want/need to know about your barista experience. You tend to only put odd jobs like that on a resume if you have nothing else relevant and you just want to show that this isn't your first job ever. That cabinetmaker description is what you want to shine. You'll be asked about that, not serving coffee. (btw, did you happen to get an OSHA 10 or OSHA 30?)

The images show your creative abilities very nicely, but I had the same issue z1111 had I think. The narrative was a little confusing to follow. Condense it and that'll be a nice student work portfolio.

Good luck, hope you find your way into the game and get to fill your portfolio with images of completed, occupied buildings soon enough.

Jun 27, 22 12:09 am  · 

Thank you all for the excellent comments!!! I will implement your feedback.

I will be posting more portfolios from my undergraduate study, and I will greatly appreciate your input. 

Happy 4th, Everyone!

Jul 1, 22 7:52 pm  · 

Undergraduate Architecture Portfolio - Public Library

Please check out my Studio 5 project and provide constructive criticism!

Jul 2, 22 3:40 pm  · 

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