Massive Rock Hard Concrete Boners


Concrete has a high carbon footprint, poor lifespan, and most humanoids dislike it instinctively, yet architects have a serious fetish for it.  Is the concrete fetish ever coming to an end? 

Jun 18, 22 11:04 pm

While I agree with carbon footprint regarding conventional concrete but I am not quite as agreeing with regards to 'life span' because it really depends on the concrete mix and it's a big variable. I am not against concrete or entirely for it as some fetish. The material has its pros and cons. I prefer natural stone masonry like basalt/granite. As those materials can last a very long time. However, I also like to use renewable materials like wood. However, for some structural stuff, I may still use concrete due to code requirements/seismic and such. I do consider other options but it all depends on the entire budgeting and availability.

Jun 18, 22 11:48 pm  · 

As opposed to, what, all that hard wood?  Or rigid steel members?

Until oatmeal, tapioca, or terry cloth is finally approved for widespread structural use, I think we're stuck with the big three.

Jun 20, 22 9:37 pm  · 
1  · 

Doesn’t seem like a “love the one you’re with” kinda thing, more like a serious fetish.

Jun 21, 22 1:06 am  · 

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