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What is the longest period you have experienced between a job application, first interview and offer/rejection? What position was it?

May 24, 22 5:54 pm

Various - My longest period was from 2019 to the present and I have yet to hear back. When I applied for my current job, the longest period before hearing back from the employer was a couple of hours. 

what position for what career - I assume architecture? 

My advice is to keep applying , and assume the worst. 

May 24, 22 7:38 pm  · 
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arhiarhi design group

its a game of luck

Jun 19, 22 1:54 am  · 

I applied to a firm, interviewed, and they got back to me in 3 months. By that time I had started my current position and it was too late... But then again, why would you want to work somewhere where time passes so slowly. Even if its a good firm, I'd value punctuality pretty highly.

Feb 1, 23 10:02 am  · 

The longest period I have experienced was approximately 4 months between a job application, first interview, and offer/rejection. During this time, I had to follow up with the employer several times to ensure my application was being reviewed. Ultimately, I received a job offer and I accepted it.

Feb 1, 23 12:17 pm  · 

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