Best (guilty pleasure) real estate/urbanism websites


I used to enjoy the curbed websites - mostly a bunch of listicles and rankings and how much rent is going up…. But it died with the pandemic and is now only focused on NYC. Streetsblog is good but can be very political - planetizen had promise, but now seems like it’s run by one guy out of his bedroom. citylab doesn’t seem as interesting anymore - it used to be a great place to go and get upset with whatever nonsense Richard Florida was writing.

I feel like this “championing the city” energy was waning before the pandemic and the pandemic essentially killed it. I kind of want this energy back. 

May 24, 22 5:36 pm

the TikTok stuff is too preachy - “not just bikes” is rehashing pretty much everything that was on streetsblog over the past decade+.

I want my “white westerner discovers non-white urbanism” junk food.

May 24, 22 5:39 pm  · 

Try Urban Land Institute if you want the developer side of things. Then become a developer and trade your bicycle for a V12 Audi.

Jun 1, 22 12:13 pm  · 

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