1800's NY farmhouse: Is this a witch window?


Note the window hanging on an angle. I understand a classic "witch window" is usually in Vermont and is usually above another roof line. I'm wondering if we can still classify this as a witch window since its from the same period.

 Any thoughts on why this window was hung like this - just for ventilation?  Was this commonly done, or unique? We haven't found any structural reason beside the low ceiling. It's located on a second floor closet, very low to the floor.  

May 24, 22 10:24 am

The use of 'witch windows' has two explanations.  

Originally used in Vermont as a means to repel witches.  The superstation was that a witch could not fly through a window at a 45 degree angle.   Later the witch window was used as a functional way to place a double hung rectangular window into a narrow space between roof lines.  

The square window in your picture doesn't appear to be a 'witch window' the purest sense.  It appears to simply be an accent window.  

May 24, 22 12:07 pm  · 
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Freemason Voodoo!

May 24, 22 12:12 pm  · 

That's the best type of Voodoo. ;P

May 24, 22 12:18 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

45d witch cockblock makes as much sense as literally every other superstitious/religious gooblygook ever created. At least this one gets you extra flair points!

May 24, 22 12:21 pm  · 
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It also gives you more daylight! I say we start a religion about witch windows!

May 24, 22 1:04 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Sign me up!

May 24, 22 1:25 pm  · 

Ok. I'm the pope witch. You can be a cardinal witch.

May 24, 22 4:42 pm  · 

Thank you (this is so funny)! I'm writing a story on historic spooky stories in our town for this fall. This house is in the article already, and I thought the window makes a fun thing to mention. I think I'll mention even if it isn't a true witch window.

May 25, 22 8:53 am  · 

The window could be from a group of evil architects who worship architectural superstations and try to use them in projects.  Pure evil! . :D

Good luck with your story!  I too would use the for mentioned window as a witch window.  Maybe one that repels small witches?  

May 25, 22 10:25 am  · 
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Which window? 

May 24, 22 2:41 pm  · 
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Witch window on the left of the pic.

May 24, 22 4:41 pm  · 

Resident non-builder staring at the window: It’s wrong.

Builder (with beverage in hand): ummm, what?

Resident: the window

Builder: Which

Resident: You know durn well which one

Builder: nervously: which?

Resident (pointing): that one!

Builder (hedging for time): which again?

Resident: the ANGLED ONE!

Builder: Right… Witch!

Resident: don’t sass me

Builder: Really Witch window! I’m being serious

Resident (cold stare):

Builder: That there is a witch window. It keeps them out.

Resident: Keeps who out?

Builder (confident with the hsutle): Witches!

Resident: Stop Lying!

Builder: Honest! 

Resident: Why don’t I see them anywhere else?

Builder (shrugs): Construction methods evolve?…


Resident: Well, ok then.

Builder walks away- quickly

Neighbor walks up to resident and stares: They put that window in wrong.

Resident: Which?

Neighbor (pointing): That window, there!

Resident (smugly): Ohhh, THAT my friend, is a witch window. You see, construction methods evolve…

May 24, 22 4:52 pm  · 
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Sir, you win the internet for the rest of the month.

May 24, 22 5:16 pm  · 

Abbott & Costello would be proud

May 24, 22 5:30 pm  · 


May 25, 22 6:51 pm  · 

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