Anyone with a undergraduate in Architecture but with a Master degree of something else.


Hi all,

Just would like to know what your master or post graduate degree is and why you chose that? Something that isn't related to architecture. Preferably great If your answer is tailored to Canada 

What the master degree is it?

Why that choice?

How hard was it finding a job afterwards?

I'm planning to see my masters degree options and would like to get an eye opener. I always heard transitioning from Architecture will be hard because of how we operate but I may be wrong. I am sort of coming out of my depression and anxiety issue so I'm just trying to research into options of possible and good career choices I can get. 

I'm also planning to study than work at the moment due to my situation. I would like this to be in Canada as I would like to move there some day.

Thanks and best regards

May 13, 22 2:05 am

A friend from college with a BArch subsequently got an MBA, passed the CPA exam, and now works in an accounting firm.  Another went to law school and now practices civil and family law.  The businesses that hire MBAs and law grads generally don't care about your undergrad major.

May 13, 22 2:59 pm  · 
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Wow did he have other experiences like any business company experience prior to mba?

May 15, 22 2:40 am  · 

No, they worked in retail and entry-level architecture jobs.

May 15, 22 3:05 pm  · 

I am in Canada. Many architecture grads switch careers after their B.Arch and M.Arch degrees. I've seen people went for real estate sales, UI/UX, digital media, graphic design etc.

May 14, 22 12:46 pm  · 

Switch as in find jobs or actually pursue another masters or degree in that switched career?

May 15, 22 2:40 am  · 

Do you know what you actually WANT to do? Because you haven't said. Getting another degree in something you're not interested in is only going to prolong your search for whatever it is you're looking for.

May 15, 22 10:29 pm  · 
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I have a B. Arch and then, after obtaining my license, I took an MBA from a top program.

I pursued this second degree because I came to realize after I left architecture school that we don’t really speak the same language as most of our clients, and we don’t really understand their challenges … I thought the MBA would help bridge that gap and I was right.

In the end, the MBA opened doors I did not anticipate. About 1/3 of my career was in professional practice; 1/3 was in real estate development; and the final 1/3 was in management consulting to other design firms. 

I retired at 62 and now spend my time pursuing other interests that were difficult to pursue when working.

May 15, 22 10:48 pm  · 
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Living the dream. How did you manage the transition from traditional practice to real estate development?

May 16, 22 9:54 am  · 

Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Architecture, realized that I don't have the artistic skills and personality to deal with the bullshits in architecture school. Now about to study a statistics master program and hope to enter biostatistic field. Surprisingly my relationship with my former arch peers are better when not dealing with arch as a profession but solely as passion now.

May 16, 22 10:07 pm  · 

Thanks for helping with this question!

May 17, 22 4:57 am  · 

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