Boston Architecture Scene?


Hi there, 

Wondering if anyone has insight into the Boston Architecture scene. It seems smaller than NYC, LA, and Chicago, but it also appears to pack a significant punch in terms of local talent. What are the best firms in the city? Who's doing the most innovative work? Any info is appreciated. Thanks!

May 7, 22 9:58 pm

Just going to bump this in case any Boston architects are having a slow day. 

May 9, 22 10:43 am  · 

I would say proximity to MIT, GSD, WIT and BAC: has it positioned nicely to have some great firms doing nice work. It all depends on what type of work you want to do.

Machado Silvetti
Howeler + Yoon
MASS Design
Perry Dean
Jonathan Levi

May 9, 22 11:21 am  · 

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