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Hi I have been lurking on this forum for some time and finally I have something to share! I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on my portfolio, go as hard as you want, I don't care, I just want to improve. Thanks! 

my portfolio

Feb 11, 22 1:06 am

Please get rid of the backdrop text, and your cover almost makes me jump out of my chair.

Feb 11, 22 1:25 am  · 
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okay thanks for your feedback!

Feb 11, 22 3:53 am  · 

updated one

Feb 11, 22 3:53 am  · 

Bot revive, I know, but I'm going to take a second to express my distaste for how people do skill sections, this being a particularly bad one in my mind. 

For me there is almost always a disconnect from what people say their skills are and what the portfolio says their skills are. 

If I were looking at this in a professional context, here would be my thought process... 
From your portfolio I definitely feel like you're overselling yourself.

Sketchup - Maybe a fair appraisal, but i'm not seeing anything really complicated, so it feels like an oversell - Not an expert, I'd give you a pass on that. 
Enscape - overselling
Autocad - not enough info
Vray - Overselling
Lumion - Not enough info, but at this point i'd assume you're overselling like the other rendering software 
Adobe PS - Overselling
Revit - not enough info - skeptical if you don't have work experience with it. It is helpful to know that you you need to grow this skill if the firm looking at you expects that... 

I wouldn't include the soft skills section at all .... it only acts as a lightning rod for things you don't want people to think. 
Teamplayer - no way to tell - Would call your reference and find out, as well as get a sense from an interview. Sort of weird that it's being brought up like this, and with such high regard for yourself. 
Creativity - There is only one personal project and I'm not super impressed by it's creativity, this seems like an oversell.  Creativity is a broad topic, now you've made me really think about your own view on your design in a way that does not benefit you.... It's hard to give you the benefit of the doubt that you could be more creative at that point... 
Time management - same as teamplayer 
Public speaking - same as teampalyer
Problem solving - Same as teamplayer 
Office - Don't really care, box checked. 
Patience - since you are generally overselling, i'm going to assume this is less than 3, and why you'd even put this on a page is beyond me, since it's one of those things that only really matters if you are exceptional with it one way or another, and while important it's not exactly a commonly talked about trait... Maybe you've been talked to about it a lot because you are actually pretty bad at it? See you got me jumping to bad conclusions. 

Side note: 
With one year experience, I'd drop the gaming stadium and include another piece of personal work. 

Jun 8, 22 1:33 pm  · 

okay thanks for your advice and critique, really appreciate it

Jun 23, 22 10:16 pm  · 
arhiarhi design group

u got good advice from others. I would like to place the highest priority on readability. I go through CVs in 5 seconds. Either u get me interested in 5 seconds or I arhiv ur CV . Sorry but thats the reality i just can't spare the time

Jun 19, 22 1:28 am  · 

okay thanks for the feedback, I truly appreciate it

Jun 23, 22 10:16 pm  · 

Old thread, but in case you look at it again,

First of all, employer or not, I saw it was 28 pages and thought "man I wish I hadn't started this....."

That said, those were nice looking visuals so pick a few money shots and make it more concise. 1 page per project. 3-5 examples should be more than enough to paint a good picture of your experience.

Like others stated, no matter what you say your skills are, people only see what you've done. Change your CV page to reflect that.

You have essentially an entry level student CV and that's fine. Employers know this. Don't try to fool them. Make it a little easier to read and if they need an entry level person, they'll probably give you a call. If it's grad school you're after, they probably have specific portfolio requirements anyway depending on the school but the general advice to keep it concise stands.

For now, just enjoy architecture school!

Jun 21, 22 1:40 am  · 

ya 28 pages is a bit long, but they are more like 14-15 pages spread out, so if 1 page per project, the portfolio should be like 6 pages long?

Jun 23, 22 10:18 pm  · 

Just be specific about what you want to convey and try to do it as efficiently as possible for the reader. Think about articles in magazines, they generally only have a few carefully tailored images and after you see them you understand as much of those projects as you need to know.

Jun 23, 22 11:51 pm  · 
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Jul 4, 22 1:29 am  · 

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