Preparing for GSD MDes (M.Des)


I have 2 years left until I finish my B.Arch and I've recently started growing interest in GSD's M.Des degree. These days I'm not exactly interested in architectural design itself. I still have a lot of interest in it but I also enjoy other forms of design. These days I've been dabbling with TouchDesign, Processing, Python etc..

GSD's M.Des seems to have changed recently by narrowing their fields down to 4. I'm interested in computational design & architecture so I thought the medium field might suit me the most.

My question is, how do I prepare for the M.Des submission? I've seen countless M.Arch portfolios but M.Des portfolios are hard to come by. I was wondering if it should have a variety of designs instead of architectural projects that you would find in M.Arch portfolios.

Jan 29, 22 2:12 am

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