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We have an older building and the original Architect who drew up the drawings is now retired and cannot be found.  However, I need a stamped drawing also showing the maximum occupancy load.  In your proffessional opinion would I need to find a whole new architect and get a whole new set of drawings OR would an architect work with the drawings I have?  

Jan 21, 22 6:38 pm

a stamp is indicating that the architect is certifying the drawings submitted, ie independently confirming the information they contain for the purposes of life safety (among other things)

just me, but i wouldn't just stamp someone else's work

my suggestion is that you hire an architect you trust (interview some & review their references), and get that professional to do his due diligence and provide a document that you can hang your hat on

the information you have isn't useless, quite the contrary. The new architect will use that to inform his review and confirm the content.

Jan 21, 22 6:47 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

If all you need is a Code analysis, perhaps an architect could do it in letter form, rather than draw plans, with a statement that the analysis is "based on Record Drawings prepared by __________, dated _________."

If a plan is absolutely necessary, it could be as simple as a single-line schematic floor plan, with the same "based on..." statement.

Jan 21, 22 7:15 pm  · 
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"...also showing the maximum occupancy load" - this should be on the certificate of occupancy filed at the local building department. At least in NYC it would, I'm not sure about all jurisdictions. Who needs a stamped drawing if it's just the original building with no changes? 

Jan 23, 22 11:50 pm  · 
atelier nobody

It sounds to me like they must be applying for a new CofO, maybe with a change of use.

Jan 24, 22 6:36 pm  · 

OP leaves a lot out that may affect the answer

Jan 25, 22 10:13 am  · 

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