State of Address (SOFA)


Basically, they're getting architects (and well, pretty much any designer who can model in 3D) to sign up and contribute digital models. There's some NFT lingo tossed in per the parlance of our times, though whether 3D models-turned-NFTs could be tradeable assets and generate royalties in their right is a whole other question. 

What I do find interesting is not so much the buzzwords but the idea that one could find clients via platforms like this. Hustling has always been the MO of architects looking to get stuff built. Instagram accounts showcasing flashy renders already do this to some extent - remember that clickbait shipping container home nonsense that made its rounds in Dezeen and sundry other sites a couple of years back? The hustle apparently worked and someone with cash to spare wanted to build the thing for real.

Say you upload a 3D model and some buyer is interested in buillding it - or at least a version of it. Then comes the usual architectural labor of turning Breps into CDs. But to let work find you instead of the other way round seems like a reasonable progression of long term trends, never mind the tech jargon overload.

Jan 21, 22 10:45 am

"State of Address (SOFA) is the world’s first blockchain based design and architecture community aiming to democratise architectural designs and decrease the prohibitive costs of entrance to the end consumer. All the while, unlocking immense market potential for architects and designers alike."


Jan 21, 22 10:48 am  · 

But the prohibitive costs are my favorite part!

Jan 24, 22 10:28 am  · 
Le Courvoisier


Jan 23, 22 10:04 am  · 
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"As our community grows and their guidance on the library of architecture evolves, we aim to be in a position where future home builders or city shapers, can browse our collection and purchase an architectural design that suits them best for a fraction of the current cost."

I am nearly 100% sure the people who came up with this have absolutely no idea the role, responsibility, or liability of the Architect.

Jan 24, 22 10:53 am  · 

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