For those concerned with COVID through aerosol form....


Get yourself a properly fitted of one of these:

and these:


Then wearing gloves and perhaps a complete biohazard suit and a decontamination unit (to wash off the contaminatants of your biohazard suits before taking it off.... basically a glorified shower stall unit. Ok... it's more than that. However, the mask & respirator cartridge/filter might just be a perfect gift for randomised and maybe x-jla.

Jan 19, 22 4:59 pm

Perfect for being on a jobsite as an architect in the COVID pandemic world.

Jan 19, 22 4:59 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

I rocked one of these back in undergrad.  Really made a difference when spending hours overnight sanding models and staining/painting.  Did not help my colleagues who sat nearby, but fuck them... it's 3am, I have some grinding do to.  Hold my beer.

Jan 19, 22 5:22 pm  · 
1  · 

Yep, I used a version of those with cartridge for dealing with organic vapor and chemicals and stuff like that. Useful for mitigating the risks when using some of the epoxies for column repairs and all (historic preservation work and workshops, etc.) since some of those chemicals aren't exactly stuff you would want to be breathing in but are good for what they do for restoration work.

Jan 19, 22 5:46 pm  · 

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