Is Columbia's intro to architecture worth it?


    I am currently a sophomore majoring in physics at a LAC and minoring in architectural studies. I am considering going to graduate school for an M.Arch and took an architecture design class and really enjoyed it. I have been trying to find shadowing at small firms this summer, but unfortunately, I have not found any luck. One architect that I emailed recommended getting more studio experience, such as taking Columbia's over the summer. 

  Is Columbia's 5-week studio worth $4000? My LAC has three architectural design classes (took I this past fall, enrolled in II this spring, and will be taking III next fall), but they don't involve much computer software like AutoCAD and Revit and are mainly hand-drawn floor plans and models. Is Columbia's course going to differ a lot from my LAC? (nonprofessional B.Arch/B.S but taught by a practicing architect) 

Jan 18, 22 2:33 pm

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