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Dear Archinect Architects,

I am a third year B.Arch. student looking for feedback on my portfolio before I send it off to firms in NYC.

Any help would be really appreciated!



Jan 13, 22 4:29 pm

For Internship I guess? If so, you are what type of firm? I think the floor plan needs more works / more legible / pay attention to line weight.

Jan 13, 22 4:45 pm  · 
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Yes, it is for an internship, any architecture firm that would hire me really. Planning on sending off to a list of 50 firms. Thank you for the advice!

Jan 13, 22 10:39 pm  · 

another thing is that you should bring ur name contact info to the front, do you have a resume?

Jan 13, 22 11:03 pm  · 

I do have a resume, I understand that should be sent separately, right? I just didn't think I would need to repeat information, otherwise I would put it on the front.

Jan 14, 22 10:08 am  · 

I would recommend writing a brief statement about urself and designing a front page where you can include your name, ur thoughts/ approach, and contact. Take a look at a few example issuu if you have to.

Jan 14, 22 1:39 pm  · 

Three most important techniques in landing an interview: 

1) by showing firms that you have the software skills that their firm uses (AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, Adobe suites, etc). Indicate on your drawings which programs you used, this is very helpful to employers. 

2) your first project needs to be your strongest. Most firms are receiving far to many applications to be looking through each page. Catch their attention in the first couple of pages or else you don't stand a change. 

3) CONNECTIONS. Use LinkedIn to your advantage. Connect with employees that currently work at the firms your applying to, ask them how they landed their position, ask about the software's they use, ask all the questions you can. 

4) don't apply to 50 firms. Apply to ten and actually adjust your cover letter to each one. Take the time to learn the firm and adjust your CV, portfolio accordingly. 

5) Use a different font my guy.


Jan 14, 22 4:25 pm  · 

I really appreciate the thorough response!

Jan 15, 22 11:26 am  · 

What fonts do you advise I try?

what project do you find to be my strongest?

If I don't have a strong project what project could be refined into one?

I would love to see your portfolio if possible!

Jan 15, 22 11:33 am  · 

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