Solar shingles?


Has anyone worked with solar shingles, such as the Tesla solar roof product? I have a client who is very keen them but I have no experience with them and I am wary of such an experimental product on the envelope of a building.  

Most of the reviews I have found are complaints about the installation process in retrofits, and this would be in a completely new build, so that is not an issue. 

Jan 11, 22 12:00 pm

Google using this kind of system now

Jan 11, 22 1:06 pm  · 

We're also actively looking at solar shingle systems. Tesla rubbed me the wrong way; they wanted an up-front deposit in order to give me any useful information (like standard installation, waterproofing, frame finishes, product weathering over time in heavy rain environments, etc.), even after explaining that I'm an architect looking to specify their product. They seem as though they're a direct-to-consumer business. Do not recommend.

Jan 11, 22 1:44 pm  · 
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