New Zealand lake house


While on the treadmill watching 'extreme homes' I came across this house on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand designed by a structural engineer. The roof is supported by suspension cables anchored in a boulder above the house. The inch thick glass can move almost three inches with high wind loads. Really seems unique. 

Dec 8, 21 7:45 am

i feel like i could have designed it better, but love it anyway. the facade detailing is clumsy, too corporate hq style. should have used thin profile steel mullions instead of a cable net. the ceiling beams are tragically bad.

still, admire whoever gets the projects like this. 8/10

oh rereading it's designed by a structure engineer and a bit disappointed - it's the structure that's clumsy! though audacious in concept the execution is mediocre.

good photographer.

Dec 8, 21 9:34 am  · 

Don't think the structure is clumsy per se, it is just very present as you would expect from a structural engineer (safety first!). Likes to admire their (line of) work I guess, can't admire what the architect wants to disappear...

Dec 8, 21 9:44 am  · 

I rather like it! 

Dec 8, 21 1:57 pm  · 

Looks like we're paying our structural engineers too much!

Dec 8, 21 2:19 pm  · 

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