Do you have so tips on portfolios?


Hi, im Isabel, junior in high school. and i want to begin doing my architecture portfolio, do I have to be experienced ? And also do I need more architecture projects than art? 

Nov 21, 21 9:21 pm
Non Sequitur

Don't do architecture pieces if you don't know anything about architecture.  Use your art and creative skills and show-off what you're good at.

Nov 21, 21 11:32 pm  · 
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Why not? Surely the old guard architects would encourage the youth? OP said they're junior high school years old and you're telling them not to try and do architecture like an old man? Its a sad response, actually disgraceful.

Nov 22, 21 9:47 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

You're certainly not the brightest rock in the pond Urban. I guess you've also never taught, interviewed, or reviewed university applications.

Nov 23, 21 12:17 am  · 

Do good work and ignore idiotic hiring practices like a megabyte limit as to what's included, your work should look as you intend not what some HR bot requires, a link to your work is more useful and something I'd hire a person on.

Nov 22, 21 9:36 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Actually, following simple directives, such as max file size, is a pretty damn good thing. Shows that the person took the time read and will force them to curate their work instead of throwing everything they've ever done into one document.

Nov 23, 21 12:29 am  · 
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Some hiring practices are idiotic, some are not...this thread has nothing to do with getting hired and or HR bots. It is about how a school will review the work, to make a selection, you don't want to be dismissed before you've got a chance to show your work now do you? 

This is about a high school kid that is interested in architecture and is wondering if they should include architectural projects in their portfolio or keep their focus on art. 

To include more architectural projects in a portfolio when all you have is an interest in the subject is not necessary, you're not supposed to know anything about architecture yet, and probably won't reach beyond the banal, mundane and superficial of architecture and that's okay, that's why you want to study it. 

Simply focus on highlighting the creative skills that could be useful when designing architectural projects instead of the architectural projects themselves.

Nov 23, 21 3:17 am  · 
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For a Junior in High School, you should be focusing on including creative work you have already produced.

Drawings, sketches, painting, sculpture projects.

Creative projects from physics, engineering, math, or science classes.

DIY things you may have built in your own time or helped out with around the house - home built skate ramps, furniture, bonsai, gardening, home renovation, etc...

If you can get an architecture internship locally, or a job helping out in construction (part time after school or in the summer) it will also help to get work you can add to your portfolio, plus you may discover that you do or do not like the work or the people.

Nov 23, 21 12:11 pm  · 

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