Bookshelf / Bookcase recommendations?


Sadly, it's time to retire my quartet of steel & particleboard shelves to the garage, and replace with (5 or 6) bookcases for the home office/studio.  (The steel beasts are great and will outlast the planet; but they're too deep at 12-13" overall, and it's impossible to find another matching pair of them anyway.)

Ideal attributes are simplicity of design, reasonably heavy-duty construction, and relative cost-efficiency (since I need to buy several).

I've perused Home Depot's website, of course, but am wondering if anyone here can suggest something along these lines.  Any recommendations?  Thank you in advance.

Nov 14, 21 3:20 pm

they have those steel beasts also completely made of steel, without that moldy particle board, see them in every arch office over here. and they are also available +/- 20cm deep and not only 13"

Nov 14, 21 4:12 pm  · 
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I have one of these. It's modular, extendable and demountable. Holds quite a lot of weight too.

Nov 14, 21 8:31 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

The International Concepts unfinished stuff from Amazon has been my got for reasonably priced basic furnishings.

Nov 15, 21 12:58 pm  · 
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I've had these for 15 years now

Nov 15, 21 1:05 pm  · 
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Citizen, have you considered the Vitsoe 606 Universal Shelving System? Dieter Rams IS a genius after all, why not live with his most ingenious shelving system. 

Jan 10, 22 8:03 pm  · 
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I love these, always have. I worry that I'd need to sell an internal organ in order to afford, though.

Jan 11, 22 1:54 am  · 

Orange crates

Jan 11, 22 12:13 am  · 
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Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions.  Some nice, clean stuff in there that we architects appreciate.  Good to know about.

I decided to just keep my old ones, and toss out some books rather than try to find more or different shelves.  (Garage aesthetic and able to hold hundreds of lbs. each.  Bought 35 years ago at one of those discount office caverns off the freeway, with a yard full of old desks out back.  Flat files, too!   The paint/coating still looks new.)

Jan 11, 22 1:50 am  · 

congrats, that's the most sustainable option! just hope you realise that, within a few weeks, you'll need that one specific piece of information or project from one of the books you tossed...

Jan 11, 22 4:38 am  · 
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