Advice on a successful portfolio applying for MArch 1 Harvard GSD, Yale YOSA and Columbia GSAPP


Hello everyone,

I'm setting a goal for myself of getting into one of the 3 schools above MArch 1 programs. I know it might be late at this period for a portfolio process, but I really need advices on how and what make a successful portfolio. 

I put the link of my portfolio below wishing somebody can point out to me what is not working in my portfolio to get into three schools above, what is lacking/ what I should pay more attention to to convey the portfolio's ideas better,...

I am on the process of redoing/ creating some of the projects to show more of my deep thinking in design. I would really appreciate for any advices, either in general or in specific, on how to make a successful portfolio to get into these three grad schools.

Thank you,

And these are some of the drawings I'm remaking. (graphic,...)

Oct 20, 21 12:46 pm

This is meant as constructive criticism.

It looks interesting, however the yellow and the right justification of the text made it too difficult for me to read. Other people might see it differently.

Oct 20, 21 2:48 pm  · 
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Agreed. And too much text to begin with. The viewer needs to be able to understand the narratives of your projects through the progression of drawings and images. Admissions committees at these schools are not going to spend time reading your descriptions beyond the first few main takeaways or keywords, if at all. Separately - besides font, I'm not getting too much of a unifying presence throughout your portfolio. Try to think about this conceptually, with color, arrangement, etc. And remember to think about hierarchy of representation on a single page/spread. Guide the viewers with some larger images, some smaller, but all not all the same size (e.g. p.29-30 there's a lot going on at the same hierarchy and not sure what is happening or where to focus)

Oct 21, 21 3:27 pm  · 
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Thanks for the comments. And I agree with that too.

Oct 22, 21 4:50 am  · 

Too much text that doesn't build up to anything. If you can write, save it for the essay. Or write something dense and pithy selectively at parts that need it. The font choice is questionable and also too large to the point where it's distracting.

Less text, more image, cut down on the number of pages per project. 

Oct 21, 21 7:40 pm  · 
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Thanks for the advice, I can see those problems too. Will work on that better!

Oct 22, 21 4:48 am  · 

the images i'm looking at seem too unclear and graphically 'out there'... i think GSD and YSOA are looking more at content and project concepts than abstruse graphics...

Oct 22, 21 1:59 pm  · 

too much graphic design than the design itself

Oct 23, 21 1:00 pm  · 

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