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Dear Archinect Community,

I have five years of experience working on prominent projects in a European architecture studio. 80% of the projects that I was a part of are not yet published online. 

I would like to apply for jobs abroad and I plan on sending out a pdf of my portfolio throught email. I am not certain whether I should include any images from those unpublished projects. 

Since I do not want make my plan to leave public I would not be able to ask for a direct permission from my employer for using these materials. I also considered blurring out the unpublished renderings and images in the pdf which I would send out and only showing them in the interviews.

I would be extremely glad to hear your opinion on this issue, considering the fact that I do not intend on uploading the portfolio online.


Oct 11, 21 4:14 pm

Are these projects covered by Non-Disclosure agreements or are they just not published on your employer's website? The former would err on the side of not including them, the latter go ahead as that would comply with fair use/AIA guidelines (assuming EU guidelines are similar).  Make sure you state that you were working on a team, what your role was, etc...

Oct 11, 21 5:54 pm  · 
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Thanks Josh! These are covered by non-disclosurable agreements. However I have changed the name and the location of the projects and was thinking to blur out the renders. Would that still be a violation of the agreement?

Oct 12, 21 5:02 am  · 

I personally wouldn't put them in. As reallynotmyname says, makes you look better honoring the NDA.

Oct 12, 21 9:54 am  · 
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I also want to make my own portfolio. How can I do that? Can you please help me here. Thank you!

Oct 11, 21 9:54 pm  · 

Is the 20% of the studio's work that is published sufficient to make a suitable portfolio?   Actually honoring the NDA you signed makes you look good to the people who might hire you next.

Oct 12, 21 9:42 am  · 
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That seems reasonable, yet unfortunately that would exclude my work in the past 3 years as a senior designer, in which i was responsible for creating the concept, building mass, and facades for 2 major projects.

Oct 12, 21 10:06 am  · 

In that case, read the NDA carefully and see if it gives you any rights to use the firm's work product for a personal job search. A good architecture firm NDA will recognize the need for staff to have some reasonable way to use the firm's work for subsequent employment. The only exceptions happen when the client requests complete secrecy for security or privacy reasons.

Oct 12, 21 11:33 am  · 

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