NYC DOB issued partial vacate order on garage, specifics on correcting issue


Hello everyone, I live in Brooklyn, NYC. My garage was issued a partial vacate order by the Dept. of Buildings in NYC. The order stated that one of the walls supporting the structure has begun to lean and there are 2 large vertical cracks that are 3in. deep from the top to the bottom of the wall. Garage is 25x30x16ft with a peaked roof. It also says that it does not have a gutter. I started to ask a few contractors to look at the garage to give me quotes and options. Below are there responses. I want to know what DOB code they are using to tell me that I need to follow either course of action. Im trying not to get scammed. If you can provide me the specific code I can see who is scamming me and how to lift the vacate order.

1) complete demolish and rebuild of the garage over $25K
2) demolish and rebuild of the affected wall only $5K

Oct 7, 21 2:51 pm

i suggest contacting a professional IRL local to your jurisdiction

Oct 7, 21 3:54 pm  · 
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I'm in Brooklyn too...there's no code to look at to tell you how much work should cost, or whether you should repair or replace the wall.  It depends on the specifics of the situation.  Is the wall leaning because it's on soil that's settled?  Or because the roof rafters are spreading?

This work will need to be filed with the DOB, then approved, a permit issued, and then you can hire a contractor to do the work.  You will need a structural engineer (or an architect, but really you just need an engineer) to assess things and see what's needed, and do basic drawings that will get filed with the city.  They will likely have an expediter who they work with who takes care of the filing, and will take care of the vacate order too.  Contractors can then bid the project off of the engineer's drawings to give you an accurate price.

If you don't file work, and then show up at DOB saying "all fixed, can I use my garage again?"  They'll very likely ask to see the drawings that were filed and approved.  When they learn that you skipped that part, they'll hand you a "work without a permit" violation, the penalty for that could be up to $15K, and you'll waste lots of time and trying to get that violation cleared, so tread carefully.

Oct 7, 21 4:22 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Hire a local professional, pay them, then go out looking for contractor quotes. Don't try and scam us by leeching our time in hopes of free answers.

Oct 7, 21 4:56 pm  · 
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I mean,seriously? They're asking not to be scammed, but then ask for free advice?

Oct 7, 21 5:16 pm  · 

I am an architect and a gc in nyc, and I would not touch that project for 30k, so not only are you getting professionals to give you good pricing, but you are also dis respecting them and assuming they are trying to scam you. The real scam is folks like you asking for advice online 

Your garage sounds like its structurally unstable, unsafe, and a danger to you or your neighbor. You dont need a code to tell you that, its common sense. 

Oct 8, 21 11:15 pm  · 
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