Does anyone know anything about EPFL?


ETH is very popular. The faculty are also renowned Swiss architects.

Their courses seem to be very well laid out.

However, it is difficult to find information about the EPFL Master operated by the same Swiss Federation. The professors, too, I don't know.

Does anyone know what the EPFL is and what features it has?

Oct 6, 21 12:04 pm
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You're welcome.

Oct 6, 21 1:22 pm  · 
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Hey, I'm currently in my last year of master at EPFL. (and did all my bachelor here too) what do you want to know precisely ?

The curriculum is really good, there's a few famous brilliant professors and guest professors (Pier Vittorio Aureli, Antoine Picon, Sébastien Marot for example). The architects leading the various design studios are not as famous as ETH one but are usually very well known in the academic world. Here is the list of masters studios :

The biggest difference between ETH and EPFL master is that here at EPFL you have total freedom to pick the professor of your choosing, your research topic and your final project topic on your final year. (which is not the case at ETH)

ETH is a bit more famous and prestigious in the english speaking community, but in Switzerland ETH and EPFL are viewed as equivalent officially. Both are federal insitutions, just one is the german speaking one and one is the french speaking one.

And of course in any french speaking country, EPFL is usually very well-known (more than ETH). 

If you wanna study here though you need to speak french (not perfectly, you can get by with english most of the time, and recently more and more classes are taught in english) but you will inevitably encounter some class or design studio only in french.

Also, when you go to any non-french speaking country and say you studied architecture in switzerland, everybody will ask "ETH?" and they will not understand your answer when you say "EPFL". But maybe that is slowly changing :)

Oct 22, 21 11:59 am  · 
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Hello thanks for your reply!!

I have a few questions

1. What is orientation? I can follow freely, but can I choose one of A,B,C,D??

2. Unlike ETH, what are the advantages of being free to choose a master topic? Don't you learn anything from strong restrictions and interventions? Isn't freedom after all loose?

3. Unlike ETH, isn't there a part about structure or detail in the master curriculum?

4. Same as question 3 - Unlike ETH, aren't there workshop classes that teach how to make models, architectural photography, and workshop classes to take good model photos?

5. Additional Questions > Why is the language certificate not mandatory at the time of admission when French is important in EPFL? I can't speak French, but I'm curious to know if I can get in or if I can go in and learn as a course.

I have a few questions, but I need some help.

Thanks for the precision!!

Oct 25, 21 7:54 pm  · 

6. Are there any lectures on design style? Or is the studio not limiting it? As far as I know, ETH and USI pursue a similar way of drawing and model making style in studios or schools. What is the reason for this? Does such a style exist in the EPFL?

Oct 25, 21 8:05 pm  · 

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