Portfolio Critique Please :)

Hello. I'd like to add mine to the infinite existing requests for portfolio critiques. I recently graduated and will be using it to apply for work. Any comments are appreciated! (Landscape architecture moving toward BIM/programming)



Aug 3, 21 5:53 pm

I think the link is broken

Aug 4, 21 8:11 am  · 

Ah apologies. It might be asking to make an account. Behance should work.

Aug 4, 21 11:36 am  · 

Working link for Issuu: 2021 Landscape Architecture Portfolio by Austen Cabret - issuu

Aug 4, 21 12:05 pm  · 
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Your portfolio looks fairly professional, different style than most on here but shows your design approach/interests.

  • the opening spreads are well put together, spaced out attractively
  • conversely, many of your images need a gap/white space between to breathe, like you've done on page 17
  • I'm unsure what the background image on Selected Works page relates to, maybe replace with a black&white version of your cover image?
Aug 4, 21 12:08 pm  · 
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(Reply got cut off - why can you only edit comments for a few minutes...?)

  • page 8 should be same size as the following full page renders with a black border, it's too bright to go with the rest of your portfolio... I do like the rounded corners on these renders.

Cheers, hope that helps!

Aug 4, 21 12:17 pm  · 
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Very constructive and great ideas :) Thank you.

Aug 4, 21 10:08 pm  · 

There are a few different shades of grey and black that don't seem to have a purpose, and I think the black is dreary all the way through. If I'm noticing that and not the work that's generally not a great thing, but does not mean the work is bad, just that I am distracted by the formatting choice.

Aug 4, 21 12:13 pm  · 
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Gotcha, I appreciate it!

Aug 4, 21 9:59 pm  · 

I like the cover...but it doesn’t reflect the content at all, does it?

Aug 4, 21 2:17 pm  · 
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It does but subtly/abstractly. The base form in the cover was made from the grasshopper script, used in the Sinking City project. I then treated the shapes as units in a neural net, connecting them to imitate. The code also outputs "Landscape Architecture Portfolio". It's totally not obvious.

Aug 4, 21 9:55 pm  · 

Shitcan that nude. I would redo the resume and make it simple. You are not going to be expected to have a lot of experience. I would edit the rest of the portfolio down. Imo there is too much information. From what I can tell the work looks fine.

Aug 4, 21 10:31 pm  · 

Hi! I would suggest that if you're looking to go into BIM/programming, then you should show an employer more (if not mainly) images that show your process and aptitude with that. The other thing I would say is that the cybernetic dystopian attitude of the portfolio is appropriate for the videogame and environmental artist sectors, but might be a harder sell elsewhere. If you look at the work of Eckart Schwerdtfeger (a BIM Specialist at Zaha Hadid Architects) you might get an idea of the stuff you should show. Here's a link to a great lecture from him:

TLDR:  Show way more of your BIM and programming process and not just the results. Think about the appropriateness of the cybernetic stuff.

Aug 10, 21 11:46 am  · 

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