Summertime sadness


Hi all, I am going to attend an architecture school (1st year)  this fall semester and I need some advice

Before summer, I am a proficient artist, I could draw and sketch everything fast and nice. My portfolio for the university was amazing and I am really proud of it.

During summer, I become shamefully lazy that I have not even touched the pencil for 1,5 months. I spent time playing VG to kill time and hanging out with guys.

It is the beginning of August now and both my sketching and creativity skills are badly decreased, I started to pick up my pencil 3 days ago and I got trouble with drawing a straight line! I had to spend a day getting used to it. My brain is completely empty, I could not think fluently like before, and I am pretty sure that I could not remake anything looks good like my university portfolio which I did 3 months ago. It took me hours to measure and sketch a house, which I should have done comfortably in 30 minutes. I am so confused and worry, the school year will begin next month and I think I could not follow up.

I need some advice on how to catch up and recover my skills like before the summer (both sketching and creativity). I am practicing and I think it is improving slowly, but I could fall to laziness easily because I kinda lost direction and I found those skills are somehow so difficult for me at this time. I have not done any review on science yet, but I think it is fading out of my brain too :((  I appreciate all advice and recommendations on how to catch up and prepare for the 1st school year.

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Jul 31, 21 3:52 pm

don’t worry, you’ll be back at it in no time when in a normal school environment...can’t force it when in holiday mode, just take it easy and rest that’s what holidays are for.

Jul 31, 21 4:02 pm  · 
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just enjoy yourself. Do something fun and exciting. Go visit some inspiring buildings, etc. 

Jul 31, 21 4:25 pm  · 
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Chin up, you have plenty of years ahead to practise ! It's totally fine to take a summer vacation and enjoy life a bit. :) It's very good that you have a strong motivation, so I hope you can make the most of the next academic year. For now, go on tour in the city to sketch buildings while having coffee or beer :) 

Jul 31, 21 5:28 pm  · 
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Don't really worry about it, not everything has to be work! Keeping a notebook close to you for sketching and drawing landscapes has always helped me, but don't be ashamed of having a good summer. Enjoy them while they last! 

Jul 31, 21 5:59 pm  · 
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I haven't been in school for decades, but back then very few students sketched on their own at either my undergrad and grad.  I don't think the OP has anything to worry about.

That said, the sketchers were the by far best students and now have pretty nice design careers.  The others are working in architecture but mostly at 2nd, 3rd , and 4th rate firms.

Aug 4, 21 3:34 pm  · 

I remember every year coming back to school after holiday break feeling like I couldn't write notes. I literally hadn't written a sentence in months. It always came back after a day or so. Just enjoy your time off.

Aug 5, 21 9:47 am  · 
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