Tips for post-grad new hires?


I just graduated in may with my masters degree. I applied to a million places all over back in March to which I was offered several positions but upon learning that I was still in school and wouldn’t be able to start until after my graduation they said they were looking for immediate hires and went with someone else. I chalked it up as not meant to be and moved on. 

Reluctantly, with nothing I was excited about planned out I decided to take the summer off (working with an interiors company through family) and traveling with hopes to do a Little ,more research for openings and explore new city options for where I would like to live. I had a few connections come up and interviews but they were all again looking for me to start immediately…as In the following week without even hearing the salary and compensation package beforehand. When I told them I was super interested In the firm but wouldn’t be able to start right away as I’d have to decide and finalize my plans, find an apartment and move  across the country and at least would some time to do all this they seemed really ‘turned off’ by my request. Am I self-sabotaging myself by not being able to drop everything and start right away. I’m very confused? 

I am also seemingly not surprised at my 6 years of education’s lack of educating me on how to approach job interviews and professional connections that I feel like I am not approaching correctly. I’ve never had issues in the past but I have had several internships nearly every year (minus covid) during and over summers while a student.   yet as one can imagine, the work I did as an intern isn’t specific or complete enough to be put in a portfolio and discussed at length. I have a few minor projects that I did as an intern but otherwise it’s all academic work. One company that I was very interested in through my connection mentioned that my experience level seemed less than what they were expecting (to my friend not to my face )But I’m confused as to what this means since the position I am applying for is “entry-level, new graduate” like several of my classmates graduated having never worked professionally in their life.

Any tips to the hiring and applying process, as someone with no salary experience or permanent experience in architecture? Ty

Jul 30, 21 5:34 pm

you've learned that firms want you available

figure out your other stuff, then start the search in your new place

it seems they have liked you enough to offer, so it seems reasonable it will happen again when you're ready to commit

Jul 30, 21 6:10 pm  · 

Thanks for the reply, although my ‘new place’ isn’t going to start until I’ve found a position and opportunity that I like as In most all of the jobs that I’ve applied and been offered a position to are out of town and in other states. Maybe it was the wrong approach to apply to jobs based on firm and not locations but I’m not entirely limiting my search based on area which is why I have asked for just a little time before starting. As in I’m ready to commit but I do need time to get an adequate salary negotiation time and time to make a cross country move along with finding a place to stay….I’ve done the last minute apartment search in the past and it was not a great experience. I didn’t think asking for more than a week was that big of a deal but maybe Im just not cut out to make a big move like that….thanks though for your comment. 

Jul 30, 21 6:31 pm  · 

Ours and most other firms right now are in the grip of a hellish labor shortage, so I think employers are super interested in people that can start work quickly.

In your case, you should tell prospective employers that you would be available to start work a set number of weeks, maybe like 2-4, after you accept a firm offer of employment.    You then need to be ready to do what it takes to get yourself decided, finalized, moved, and ready to start the new job on the agreed-upon day.  Anything else is going to be a turn-off and discourage people from making you an offer.

Jul 31, 21 2:23 pm  · 

As a fresh grad firms expect you available right away, you know that now, so make sure you can start right away before applying somewhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I was once hired on the spot during my interview and stayed the rest of the day to work. and at another job was hired a few months before actually starting because I was worth waiting for and had some loose ends to tie up first and planned a holiday already...

Jul 31, 21 4:14 pm  · 

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