In the selected Masters courses, practical problems and worries ( ETH / GSD )


Master Curriculum between ETH and GSD excite me, but due to practical and economical issues, I have to seriously consider and choose between the two.

Therefore, I would like to seek your advice.

I have successfully completed my B.Arch (5Y) and Msc.Architectural Engineering & Architecture (2Y) courses in 'Asia' . 

However, I have a great longing for Europe and America, study and work there, and eventually return to my country in the future to do my own work based on what I have learned.

So, I looked through all the schools in the US and Europe, and ended up picking the last two candidates. Those are ETH and GSD.

GSD M.Arch 2- So much recognition and understanding in my home country. However, the proposed budget for the school is $200,000 for two years.

ETH Msc Arch - It fits my style very well, but it doesn't seem to get much recognition in a country that values   the name of the school. Currently, there are professors that I personally admire very much, such as Adam Caruso and Giggon Geyer. The school's proposed budget is $7,000 2 years. And, also the Swiss license, awarded upon graduation, is valid in my home country at a later date.

As I am an international student in Asia, the scholarship opportunities are limited and there are no scholarships offered in my home country.

And the acceptance rate between the two schools is also an important issue.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider the reputation and curriculum together with practical issues. Are there any wise people who would like to share this in-depth concern? Thank you so much for such a great forum and meeting such great people.

Some people may ask essential questions like why do you master twice, but I decided to study twice and I think it's important in my country because of issues like name and reputation. So, I would like you to talk only about the competition between the two schools. Thank you.

btw, German C1 and English C1 It's not a matter for me. I have prepared this part in advance. 

Thank you.

Jul 16, 21 7:49 pm

if you have the german covered...zurich hands down. the language is holding me back, otherwise i would try. you can tell from their thesis projects, graduates walk out of there with superior training. you would be able to work anywhere basically. best of luck.

Jul 17, 21 2:15 am  · 

For an MArch, it is ETH hands down. It is unusual that people don't recognise ETH when it is mentioned as it is consistently ranked as a Top 10 global university. For architecture, I have never seen a program that will train you as well. The GSD is great if you want to use design to intervene in the world, design as a sort agency. MASS Group who studied at the GSD are a great example of this, wonderful work. But if you want to be a great Architect (with a capital A) and be super competent at making great buildings, ETH will prepare you for that much better than the GSD, I think.

I worked with Gigon/Guyer for a year when I was an intern in Zurich, they were teaching in the ETH at the time so some of us would go up the hill (where the campus is) to watch the reviews in the evenings. Some of the best memories I have. The rigour of the school is hard to find elsewhere!

Jul 21, 21 4:54 am  · 

Continental European schools do a much better job at combining theoretical with practical education than their American counterparts. Look at fulltime faculty work and you can see who is actually detailing buildings and who is theorizing building details with 80s retro lighting.

Jul 21, 21 8:55 am  · 

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