Is it legal for me to creat a business offering to assist architects?


Basically my idea is to have architects send me redline drawings of what they need drawn or completed and charge them for the time spent on their projects. I currently do this now with an architect I worked for and he still sends me work from time to time. I don’t have a license so I’m curious if it’s legal to make a business offering a service like this. 

Jun 16, 21 1:12 pm
Non Sequitur

Depends... some do outsourcing of menial and/or grunt tasks but red-lines is a quality control thing and it's a much better idea to keep that shit in house.  It's cheaper and faster this way too plus the added bonus of training staff so they know what to avoid next time.

Jun 16, 21 1:16 pm  · 

It is not necessarily *ILLEGAL*. First, the architect does the redline marking noting what needs to be corrected. You, the unlicensed DRAFTER, makes the changes. The redlines are typically an architect taking the printout of the drawings or using something like the highlight tool using "red" to not corrections to be made. You are just a draftsman. As long as you are not representing yourself as an architect or use terms that are protected like "architectural" like in "architectural drafting" because of how licensing boards regulates the words: "architect", "architecture" and "architectural". You can offer back-office drafting services to businesses. That is essentially what you are doing. In which case, you maybe doing this as an employee.. whether you are doing this as an employee in the office or an employee that isn't regularly employed in the office of the architect. In any case where you are not working in the office of the architect, the architect will likely need to document more about the details of his supervision over your work in case the licensing board ever was to investigate. Chances are low but not impossible. A complaint can be filed by an employee of the firm or one that is an ex-employee who is aware of this kind of arrangement or anyone who is aware of such arrangement and have some problem with it and file a complaint. This doesn't mean the Architect or this arrangement is illegal but they will have to investigate if someone filed. However, your arrangement might not qualify or be quite approved by NCARB for AXP hours.

Jun 16, 21 1:33 pm  · 

Perfectly legal as long as you're not breaking any of the architectural practice laws for whatever jurisdiction has authority. My basic non-legal advice would be to make it clear you are offering services as a drafting consultant.

Jun 16, 21 1:52 pm  · 
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