Dave Chappelle on/working with David Adjaye?

Anyone else catch this? Starting at 35:50ish, is this old news?

Responding to a question about where he might be headed next he references, Ghana, Stevie Wonder ("the Soul of America") and perhaps moving to Africa.

"I called Naomi immediately...put me in contact with David Adjaye...for those at home is a very respected architect...considered one of the finest on in the United States he did the Smithsonian Museum of African American History...sacred ground for, as far as Smithsonians go, Black people. He designed it...Naomi put him in touch with we've been working together. Hopefully I'll build something there."

May 13, 21 11:58 pm

Would love to see what comes out of their collaboration!

May 14, 21 1:28 pm  · 
1  · 

A comedy club?

May 14, 21 1:54 pm  · 

Along these lines Chapelle did also mention that he was interested in opening up a comedy club in Africa, so...

May 17, 21 10:42 pm  · 

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