Difference between Fins and Louvers


I don't understand the difference between fins and louvers when it comes to facade daylight control methods. According to the textbook I have it says they both block direct sunlight and I've searched images of them and they both seem the same...

May 6, 21 2:37 pm
Wood Guy

Fins are usually fixed. Louvres are usually operable. 

May 6, 21 2:50 pm  · 
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Interesting. Around here, louvres refer to being attached to some mechanical system, while fins are... decorative only? Never thought much about it before

May 6, 21 5:55 pm  · 

​louvers are generally sets of overlapping fins that allow airflow but block rain. louvers don't have to be operable. anything can be operable, fins included.

May 7, 21 4:01 am  · 
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Fins are from Finland and the Louvre is in Paris, France not Texas? Or what WG said ^

May 6, 21 3:44 pm  · 
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I thought Finns were in Scandinavia and Virginia was for Louvers.

May 6, 21 6:03 pm  · 
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Fins hang out casually, but louvers sometimes get married.

May 6, 21 6:36 pm  · 
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One cost more?

May 6, 21 8:06 pm  · 

They’re clearly different. Jimmy Buffett didn’t sing “Louvers to the left” after all

May 6, 21 8:22 pm  · 

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