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I am replacing a staircase for a residence with a pre-fab floating staircase. I am restricted in the opening for the headroom. The only solution is to have the stairs with a 8.75 inch treads from nosing to nosing. I know that the IBC is 10 inch min. The existing stairs thats being replaced that 8.5 inch treads. Would this pass inspection? 

May 2, 21 10:51 pm

Classic answer: Hire an architect.
Alternate Answer: Hire a code consultant
Alternate Answer 2: You're constructing a new stair... I think you know the answer, though you can look at your applicable residential and existing building codes to double check... 

May 3, 21 1:39 am  · 
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Sorry mtdew but you're screwed unless you can get an exception from your building department.  

Have you considered installing an alternating tread stair?  That could help with you issues.  Without seeing the existing conditions I couldn't say for certain. 

Good luck. 

May 3, 21 10:33 am  · 

ask your local bldg dept

ours addresses exactly what geometry is grandfathered & what is not & how to address gray areas

May 3, 21 2:07 pm  · 

thanks for the feedback. I decided to take a safe route and make modifications to get the required headroom. Had to loose a linen closet and pushed a bathroom over which makes two closets shorter. Explained it to the  owners today and surprisingly they took it pretty easy.   Contractor will be pissed tomorrow when I send him the sketch to reframe. At least I'll be able to sleep well tonight. 

May 3, 21 8:18 pm  · 
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Pissed off contractor =(?)= Happy Architect.... hmmmmm.... okay.

May 3, 21 8:23 pm  · 

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