Bilco Stairs


Hi, I'm working on an addition to a residence where the client would like to add an exterior stair from the basement to the back yard. 

I've seen plenty of 'bilco' hatched basement stairs where  the stair is steep and it ends directly in front of the door to the basement, with no landing area in front.  

Does anyone know if the IRC  allows this?  Or is a landing required at the  base of the stair?

The basement is just for storage and utilities, so is not a finished, habitable space, so It's not  needed for egress.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!


Apr 20, 21 9:50 pm
Wood Guy

Landings aren't required, but there are some fine points:

Apr 21, 21 8:26 am  · 
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Thanks so much Wood Guy!

Apr 21, 21 10:17 am  · 

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