What do you think of this theme for a project for my portfolio? (applying for an undergraduate course)


I'm interested in ecology and psychology so I wanted to implement my interests in this idea. Also, I had make it a lot more concise. Could you please give some constructive criticism or just tell me whether I shouldn't bother with this idea. I want you to tell me if you think it's terrible (but please be nice). Here it is:

Theme: The study of how environments affect both animal and human psychology.

Key ideas:

- Tigers mainly reside in the Jungle whereas Lions mainly reside in the Savanna. Lions are social animals. Tigers, for the most part, are not. I believe the genetic makeup of these animals or the fact that Lions need to hunt in groups are not the only reasons they behave this way. Rainforests contain trees and vegetation which act as walls and discourage social interaction between Tigers and encourage solitude. Tigers have been spotted purposely hiding in areas of dense vegetation. Perhaps this is because they want to maximise their chance of survival, improve their hunting skills or stay isolated. Either way, their environment has likely influenced their behaviour. On the other hand, Lions live in open spaces which encourage interaction with the same species. This could play a part in why Lions are sociable.

- Many offices in today's world are designed with a floor plan similar to the Rainforest rather than the Savanna. People working in open areas are more likely to start discussion, which could lead to a more healthy and social work environment, thus improving mental health and creative thinking.

That's it. To be honest, as I'm writing this I'm doubting this more and more but I wanna see what you think.

Apr 17, 21 12:43 pm

If you want to make this kind of comparison, better approach would be to compare modern offices to zoos. "Here we have Karl. His predecessors roamed the flatlands of lower caucasus as hunters gatherers. Long domesticated, Karl kicks the 3D printer out of frustration of not being able to negotiate complex technology. Karl want's to cry, but can not do so in open concept office. LEED mandated lactation station is a perfect place to cry, but there is already someone in there crying. Karl waits for his turn while pretending to fix a Keurig coffee machine problem".

You can totally run with this idea because it's a conversation starter. It's also a lot of wasted effort on learning about big cats. I would recommend doing a study on human behavior insead. What kind of environments make people antisocial? Or super social! Go from there. STAY AWAY from topic of office layouts. It's a dead horse still receiving daily beatings. 

Apr 17, 21 2:34 pm  · 
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I see where you're coming from, but can't really tell where you're taking this. So you're going to argue that closed-off office spaces promote a better chance of survival? That open offices will encourage dialogue and interaction?

Ecology is at the forefront of architecture... I'm not quite sure how humans working in an office and big cats surviving will link up in this study, unless you're just into big ol murder mittens (I wouldn't blame you) and picked offices because they're an easy target. Maybe the cats can serve as a metaphor if needed but it feels a bit forced. If you're determined to stick with this office and animal theme, maybe study behavior in offices of various or specific types, then consider what animals will tell the story.

Better yet... Ecology is a fascinating topic, and you could do your project a disservice by boiling it down to big cats and office spaces; maybe consider expanding this study out to a broader picture. How are larger networks of organisms intertwined via Habitats? Infrastructure? Work? Play? Survival?

Apr 18, 21 12:45 am  · 

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