How helpful is contributing to an SCI level paper during B.Arch


I might have a chance at helping a professor write a possible SCI level (just wishful thinking but still) paper while I'm still going through my bachelors. Hypothetically speaking, if it does actually get labeled as SCI in a few years, would it help me greatly if I were to include my contributions or stating the fact that it received an SCI level if I were to include it in my portfolio? I'm aiming for a M.Arch later but just wondering if this research work is worth it and helps me in the long run or should I focus more on other internships in my country..

All this stuff is new to me since I've always thought of having neat personal project works in an architecture portfolio.

Apr 13, 21 4:05 am

what does "SCI level" mean?

I'd say the main advantage you'll get out of this is developing a stronger relationship with the professor who might be able to help you find jobs or write references later. if the topic looks interesting to you go for it - you're in college to learn and don't need to know what the final outcome will be to benefit from the work.

Apr 13, 21 9:22 am  · 

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