Internship throughout COVID-19 Pandemic


Hi am a first time poster. I guess I wanted to know how to land my first internship. I am going to be graduating soon in May. I have noticed that some of my classmates get internship offers and interviews right off the bat while I am here working my tail off to get even an email back. They're usually rejection emails. I am just wondering how do you guys land an internship when we're in a global recession due to a pandemic halting everything.

Apr 11, 21 7:06 pm
Non Sequitur

have you asked your classmates?

Apr 11, 21 7:15 pm  · 
atelier nobody

Look for firms doing big government and infrastructure projects - these have been the best at keeping people working (mostly from home, of course) through the pestilence, and some may be starting to staff up in anticipation of the current infrastructure bill.

Apr 11, 21 7:17 pm  · 
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recession or not. Architecture only has 50% rate even in good economy. Just make sure you are not the bottom half of the candidate pool. Even my terrible firm hired two recent grads both with ivy league masters. It is just that competitive.

Apr 12, 21 2:44 pm  · 
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It's not a great time to be looking for an internship. First, there's the economy / fewer jobs available.

With many offices working from home, it's very difficult to bring on new staff and adequately supervise and train them. For that reason alone, my own office has decided against taking on a student this year. 

Don't get discouraged - keep applying. Maybe ask your (successfully employed) classmates to review your application and/or portfolio. 

Apr 12, 21 6:37 pm  · 

Since you are saying that your classmates are getting offers and interviews, that implies the situation is as bad as you describe them. As others said, you should target public sector firms doing education/healthcare/transport/(with the exception of aviation) or sectors like industrial that are generally more stable. 

Apr 12, 21 7:23 pm  · 

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