Glass balustrade installation

Jorge Sabonger

Hi, perhaps someone could help me with some information in regards of the installation of glass balustrades 1/2" tempered glass.

The following are some of the problems I have encountered before and I need advice on the best way install glass balustrades:

Once we installed square and round glass railing posts fixed on top of a concrete slab, then tiled around the base plate but had issues with water leaking. It was done like this because it was a requirement by the client. It was not an option to install the posts on the outer edge of the slab.

On another project the base plate of round and square railing posts were fixed again on top of the slab and tiled and in a number of locations the tile was popping out as it appeared to be having a reaction between the base plate of the posts and the thin set used so I'm assuming it wasn't sealed properly.

Could U-channels be installed on top of a slab and then place tiles? What factors should I take into account next time? What materials or finishes could prevent this issues from happening again. Which procedures should be considered before installing the railings?

Thanks in advance,

Mar 18, 21 11:17 am
Non Sequitur

Many solutions available... ranging from providing a recess in the slab for the post/base to changing the profile of the post.  It's a design problem and will have a different application each time you look at it.  That's the design team's job to figure it out.

Mar 18, 21 11:39 am  · 
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Jorge Sabonger

Thanks for the insight, it' been quite challenging since the design team most of the time doesn't have an idea how to show the details on the plans. I'm an architect in charge of supervising the installation of floors, staircases, tiles and countertops. My aim is to acquire more knowledge in order to execute bigger projects and to deliver outstanding quality. Your advice will come in handy in the future. Thanks

Mar 18, 21 1:10 pm  · 
Wood Guy

I may get slammed for telling you the obvious but have you talked with the technical support staff at the glazing system supplier? They are sure to have all of the details you need.

Mar 18, 21 1:14 pm  · 
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