Any of you working in WFH mode get ghosted by your colleagues, PMs, PAs and or Job Captains?

Mar 5, 21 1:21 pm

I haven't had people in the firm ghost, but definitely have had consulting engineers, an owners rep, and plan reviewers disappear for weeks at a time.  In some cases, it's because they got sick with COVID and didn't want to tell anyone.

Mar 5, 21 1:26 pm  · 

Time to update that resume and portfolio if everyone in the firm is ghosting you.

Mar 5, 21 2:42 pm  · 
1  · 

That's my suspicion too, too bad people are no longer up front when they don't want you around - but this is the new normal

Mar 5, 21 3:06 pm  · 

Dude, xenakis, right?

Your suspicious nature is acting up again.

Mar 5, 21 3:19 pm  · 

Yes, I guess everyone’s on vacation and I didn’t get the memo - oh well

Mar 5, 21 3:34 pm  · 

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